Belonging & Sacrifice

„3 Steps to Transform Your Life” series

18  DEC

18:30 CET


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Is this “3 STEPS to Transform Your Life ” webinar for you?

  • Do you often feel disconnected and alone?

  • Do you feel you lack the necessary support to thrive?

  • Are you trying to convince yourself you don’t need anyone?

  • Is it difficult for you to feel grounded and secure in your body?

  • Are you experiencing the same heavy fate as others in your family?

  • Are others calling you needy and over-sensitive at times?

If you’ve answered YES to some of these questions or if these themes make you feel uncomfortable or sad then this webinar may be just what you needed to feel supported in taking your rightful place in this world and building a sense of home within you. It may be a longer journey, but it starts with one step forward.

What is the “Belonging & Sacrifice” webinar about?

This webinar will help you gain a deeper understanding of why it is vital for each of us to find our true place in the world and use it as a basis for our connection with others and with the life that we want to build for ourselves. Through a simple yet powerful 3 step process you will be given the necessary tools to start transforming your life and regain that feeling of security within.

Belonging is a fundamental theme that keeps our body and the material world functioning properly. However, being part of systems (especially, family systems) charged with trauma and heavy fates may result in a life that perpetuates that exact suffering that we are trying to leave behind. It may get us stuck and feeling helpless in trying to change what we need in order to thrive. The fact that we are living in a not-self world, where homogenization pushes us away from our authentic nature makes belonging a deeply distorted pressure and, at times, a savage force.

But belonging is not the issue. When done properly, it’s the answer!

What will you gain by participating in this webinar?

  • You will experience a simple 3 step process to start integrating the Belonging Theme in your life
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of why having a place and being interconnected is vital to life and how the need to belong has been affecting you
  • You will become more aware of what you are sacrificing in order to belong to your family of origin
  • You will discover the themes of belonging that make up your genetic construct
  • You may be able to notice new possibilities emerging with regards to reframing that connection within your family of origin
  • If you are a Human Design passionate (or just a beginner) you will get unique practical information on the workings of Gate 19 and the tribal genetics, to help you better understand its impact in your life


Why we created the “3 STEPS to Transform Your Life” webinar series?

This workshop is the first in a series of webinars that introduce a unique approach based on the blended resources and tools of two bodies of knowledge: the Human Design System, the field that explains differentiation and uniqueness and Systemic Constellation Work, the field that deals with our interconnectivity, the relationships with the surrounding systems and the Whole.

The 3 STEPS to Transform Your Life Method
  1. I KNOW – I have essential information on the patterns that build this theme in the world
  2. I SEE / I FEEL- I use a simple investigative tool to become more aware of what specific patterns are at play in my life
  3. I TRANSFORM – I create and perform a unique ritual to help reframe this theme in my life and restore a healthy flow

The Human Design System charts your unique genetic construct, both the conscious and the unconscious part, and helps you reconnect with your life purpose, safely and with ease, by providing you the correct decision-making process. It also provides you with information about the conditioning areas that are the main trigger for inauthentic behavior.

Systemic Constellation Work looks at people and situations through the lens of their connection to the world, through the quality of their relationships with others, both present and past, their relationships with values, norms and traditions and their relationship with the environment in general. It’s a method that helps bring to the surface the information that our bodies have regarding an issue and supports the emergence of possible resolutions that relax not only the individual but the system as a whole.


Human Design Analyst & Trainer

Liliana is a professional Human Design Analyst, the first certified Human Design Guide, Professional Analyst and BG5 Engineer in Romania. In 2011,  after her first  Human Design Foundation reading, she realized that this system will not only become her passion, but her calling. Since then, she has trained with some of the most reputed names in the field including: Cathy Kinaird, dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf, Darshana Matthews, Ilse Sendler, Martin Grassinger, and Karen Sherwood.

She built an international practice  while trying to convey to her clients the beauty that she sees in each of them and the imense potential of their design.  In her therapy and coaching practice, she also uses her Theta Healing certification and other techniques acquired on her own  path of self-improvement.


IHDS Certified Professional / BG5 Certified Consultant

Systemic Change Consultant & Trainer

Ioana is an international systemic change consultant, trainer and transformational speaker. Her work focuses on identifying the veiled personal obstacles preventing more joyful living and unlocking of one’s full potential in the world. She loves working with people from all over the world from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, as she is fascinated with how languages and customs change, but what opens and closes the heart stays the same.

Ioana has been involved with the field of family constellations since 2011. She trained with some of the best in the field, including Bert Hellinger, Judith Hemming, Gaye Donaldson and Jutta ten Herkel. Her hunger for knowledge has made her pursue other fields, thus becoming a Certified Regression Therapist, a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association. Ioana is using her extensive training and varied experience to make these tools available to as many people as possible in order to restore a natural flow in their life. In her words, being in the flow means being fully supported by everything that life has to offer.

For more information on Ioana please visit:

“Belonging & Sacrifice” benefits of a special launching price

The price includes:

  • participation in the 2-hour webinar
  • a recording of the webinar for later use
  • a personalized Human Design report on the theme of Belonging in the genetic makeup (provided you submit your accurate birth data with the registration form)
  • a grounding meditation (audio file) to assist you with your transformational work

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