April 13th- 23rd

 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9:30AM CET)

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In response to special circumstances, the Living Your Design workshops are organised now as follows:

  Workshops are only organised ONLINE, with recordings also available.

Workshops are free of charge for those working in the health care system.

Workshops have a 50% discount (535RON~111EUR) of normal rates.

If you have previously participated in this workshop organised by me you can register for free, by mentionning the date you took the workshop in the DETAILS area in the registration form.

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Did you have a Human Design Reading? By whom?

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LILIANA LUŢU-CORÂCI - Analist profesionist Human Design

Certified Analyst

IHDS Certified Professional / BG5 Certified Consultant

Is this workshop for you?

  • Do you easily make promises you can’t keep? You always feel like proving yourself?

  • Are you often nervous? Do you avoid the truth in order to prevent confrontations or emotional outbursts?

  • Are you constantly looking for direction or true love? Are you trying to define yourself through a relationship, a person or through a title?

  • Are you inflexible and holding on to things or toxic relationships who offer you a false sense of security?

  • Do you get easily stuck with an idea and when challenged you become conceptually defensive, pretending to be certain?

  • Are you looking for inspiration?

  • Is stress an ever present issue in your life? Are you willing to hurry or change priorities just to escape the pressure others place upon you?

  • Are you always the last one to stop working or doing things only to drop from exhaustion afterwards?

  • Are you the first to speak because silence feels uncomfortable? Are you trying to attract attention?

What will you get?

If you have recognized yourself in at least one of the situations described above, then by following this workshop:

  • you will get to learn more about your design by becoming aware of the conditioning sources that impact you and the way you impact those around you;
  • you will understand the key characteristics of your Type and your Strategy;
  • You will get information on how to identify conditioned behavioral patterns that prevent you from living your true nature;
  • You will better understand those around you and their impact and you will be able to avoid situations that bring you frustration, bitterness, anger or disappointment;
  • After having a Foundation Reading, you will be able to better ground the information received and notice more easily the way the conditioning received from your environment distracts you from making decision in the correct way.
Where and when?

12 hours, over 6 days (see above)

Maximum 12 participants.

The workshop has interactive and practical content. It uses the participants’charts, if permitted by the owner. Limited place ensure that each participant rceives the necessary support during the classes.
This workshop is recognised by the International Human Design School  and is a pre-requisite for further education.

An individual reading is not manadatory but it can greatly assist you during the workshop.

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